What is a Mobile Fluid Webpage Layout?

And why do you need one?

More and more people now view webpages on mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets rather than just your traditional laptop or desktop computer. The very obvious difference when viewing a website on these devices compared to a computer is size!

Very often your webpages will look tiny and be impossible for anyone to read, let alone try and navigate around if viewed on their smart-phone! Quite often older designs may not load at all, or will be so slow that people simply give up and click on a possible competitor instead. A website should bring you business, not cause you to lose it.

You may have seen plenty of ads for mobile websites too - many companies keep their traditional webpages for computer viewers and opt to have a second mobile website specifically for smart-phone and tablet users. The downside is that often these are an abbreviated version of your existing webpages and can have completely different content - plus then you have 2 versions to keep updated!

The easiest option is to opt for a fluid website design, or responsive webpages. One design that simply adapts itself to the viewing screen size. Images and menus automatically adjust, as does text size so your webpage content is always easy to read, pages load quickly and your pages are easily navigated as menu buttons enlarge on smaller screens making them easy to tap - simple!

Google now sees the importance of webpages being accessible across all devices so much that your webpage rankings can drastically drop if you are not yet mobile compliant.

A simple piece of code in our designs let Google will know immediately that your page is mobile responsive and ensure your rankings are favourable. View examples of our responsive web layouts here and give them a try yourself >>>